Emmanuelle Pagano and Ananda Devi


Join Emmanuelle Pagano, Ananda Devi and the brand new Librairie Caravansérail for an afternoon of readings, dance, and other pleasures. In Trysting (Nouons-nous, published by And Other Stories), Emmanuelle Pagano presents a myriad of minutely choreographed vignettes on love and desire. Ananda Devi sets Eve out of her Ruins (Eve de ses décombres, published by Les Fugitives) in her native island Mauritius, telling the loss of innocence of four teenagers against the backdrop of postcolonial fin-de-siècle. Pagano and Devi will talk about their work and the influences of other voices and art forms, accompanied by dancers from Tangolicious. The discussion will welcome Trysting's co-translators Sophie Lewis as chair and Jennifer Higgins as interpreter. The talk will be followed by a festive "goûter" to celebrate the launch of Caravanserail.

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Trysting (And Other Stories, 2016)
Translated by Jennifer Higgins and Sophie Lewis
Eve out of her Ruins
Eve out of her Ruins (Les Fugitives/CB éditions, 2016)
Translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman
Beyond Words Festival
3.00pm - 4.00pm £10, conc. £8

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